The Grid Defender


Grid Defender Redefines

The Grid Defender® system REDEFINES distribution and transmission apparatus, operation, management and construction.


Catalyst Grid Defender

Grid Defender® is the CATALYST between traditional overhead and costly undergrouding.  Because of its major sector management it can work quite well with or instead of Distributed Generation.


Smart Grid Defender

Grid Defender® includes several elements of “Smart Grid” in a single system.


Grid Defender Recognition

Grid Defender® is a brand new technology, heretofore unimagined nor defined.  Through understanding the Grid Defender® system it will now be possible for R&D, SBIR’s etc., to refocus its resources in this new direction with expedient solutions.


Why Microgrids


GridDefender technology decreases the justification for to Micro Grids.  Because GridDefender drastically reduces or eliminates extended periods of power outages, it lessens the appeal of Micro Grids along with their disadvantages.